03 January
Dear friends and clients! The Embassy of Indonesia Republik in Kuala Lumpur published the list of official holidays for the 2019. Please bear in mind that it Read More
13 December
Dear friends and clients!    Due to several holidays that are very close (Christmas and Hari Raya Galungan) the immigration offices in Bali Read More
19 November
Dear friends and clients!   Indonesia celebrates Maulidur Rasul holiday on 20th of November, Tuesday. Maulidur Rasul, also colloquially known as Read More
16 October
Dear friends and clients!   Tomorrow on Wednesday 16 of October Bali Hindu will be celebraing the holiday of Hari Raya Suci Pagerwesi. Because of this Read More
05 September
Dear friends!   VisaForBali reminds you that 11 September is a public holiday in Indonesia. Our country will celebrate Muharram or Islamic New Year Read More
14 August
Dear customers and friends!   We want to inform you, that 17th of August and 22th of August will be Public holidays. 17 - Independence day Read More
14 August
  17TH AUGUST  WILL BE DAY OFF IN IMMIGRATION OFFICE DUE TO INDEPENDENCE DAY IN INDONESIA, so it will be not possible to process the extension and Read More
18 June
    Please make sure that you've extended your visa on time.       Read More
03 June
  Let us care about your paperwork. Visa4bali, always can help you  =)         Read More