business service


For foreign who wants to have a company in Indonesia and wants his name listed in the document and listed as the owner of the company you should choose PMA, with company capital about 250.000 USD.with a PMA company can sponsor a foreign worker in indonesia with a duration 1 year


  1. The name of the company should be 3 words
  2. Copy of ID for commissionaire and the director
  3. Copy of ID Photo 3 × 4
After all finished process of making you will get a document the company is
  1. legalized name of the company from notaris
  2. issued Article of Association by Indonesia Public Notary
  3. local Authority permit
  4. approval from Indonesia Village Chief and District Chief
  5. card Tax Registration
  6. legalized Company Article of Association from law department
  7. location Permit and Nuisance from Regency
  8. registration of Company Certificate from Trade and Industry Department
  9. permanent Business License from investment Coordinating Board


Time of processing 2-4 months.
The price indicated for the service is approximate. More accurate information will be provided by a notary, who will make calculations based on the size of the share capital, the availability and characteristics of permits, licenses and other company characteristics.