KITAS visa holders, in order to leave the country to receive the immigration office special permission to leave (Exit Permit)


Exit Permit Only EPO – cost 500.000 IDR


This type of permit does not mean returning to Indonesia, it allows to leave Indonesia and close the visa Kitas. Such permission must be obtained at the expiry of the visa, or upon early termination of the action Kitas (end of employment contract, and departure from the country and closing Kitase before the expiry of the visa).


To obtain permission to leave, we only need a passport.

Process of obtaining

We ourselves will prepare all the necessary documents, fill in the questionnaire. The term of preparation of permit – 1 working days.
For permission to leave the EPO documents are submitted within 30 days prior to the expiration of the visa.
The courier will pick up your passport from home or another convenient place for you.
Personal attendance when submitting documents is not required.
After obtaining permission (an average of 5-7 working days) courier will deliver the passport back