This visa is valid for 1 year and extendable max 5 times

Requirement documents

Copy of the marriage Certificate
Copy of mother’s ID Card
Copy of mother’s Family Register Card
Copy of father’s passport (complete with the visa)
Copy of the Children’s birth certificate
Copy of children’s passport
Photos size (4 x 6 = 8 pcs ; 3 x 4 = 8 pcs ; 2 x 3 = 6 pcs) – should be color with Red Background


Those documents above have to apply at Head of Immigration Jakarta for an Approval Visa (Telex Visa). It will take around 7 working days. The applicant must bring and collect visa to Indonesia Embassy/ Consulate in overseas. The applicant has to come back to Indonesia within 90 days from date of visa issued. When enter in Indonesia the applicant has to report to local Immigration within 7 days from date of arrival. The process will take up to 14 working days ; OR The applicant could change the visa status from visited visa (Social Visa) to Residence Visa (ITAS) within four (4) months from date of entrance. It’s usually called CONVERSION .

The applicant will get the following documents

  • KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card)
  • Blue Book (Control Immigration Book)
  • Yellow Book/SKLD (Certificate of Police Registration)
  • STMD (Certificate of Police Report)

If Baby born in Indonesia

  • Should Register  the birth certificate to Civil Registration Office
  • Should Register to Local Immigration Office within 60 days of date of birth
  • Should report to get baby’s passport to consulate/ embassy of the applicant country in Indonesia
Within 60 days baby can follow their parent’s visa, then could continue to process KITAS in Local Immigration (Requirement are same as above)

The process will take up to 1 months and the children/ and will get the following documents

  • KITAS ( Limited Stay Permit Card )
  • Blue Book ( Control Immigration Book)
  • Yellow Book/ SKLD ( Certificate of Police Registration)
  • STMD ( Certificate of Police Report)