For foreign who wants to have a company in Indonesia and wants his name listed in the document and listed as the owner of the company you should choose PMA, with company capital with a PMA company can sponsor a foreign worker in indonesia with a duration 1 year


  • The name of the company should be 3 words
  • Copy of ID for commissionaire and the director
  • Copy of ID Photo 3 × 4
After all finished process of making you will get a document the company is legalized name of the company from notaris issued
Article of Association by Indonesia Public Notary
  • local Authority permit
  • approval from Indonesia Village Chief and District Chief
  • card Tax Registration
  • legalized Company Article of Association from law department
  • location Permit and Nuisance from Regency
  • registration of Company Certificate from Trade and Industry Department
  • permanent Business License from investment Coordinating Board


Time of processing 1-2 months.
The price indicated for the service is approximate. More accurate information will be provided by a notary, who will make calculations based on the size of the share capital, the availability and characteristics of permits, licenses and other company characteristics.