P.T (Private Limited) Cost 60.000.000


For those who want to own their own companies, we offer services of making the new company in the form of a limited liability company (PT), with the trade business license is until, with such nominal your company can sponsor foreign workers in Indonesia with duration 6 month.


Is a necessary requirement :
  • the name of the company should be 3 words example PT.VISA4BALI
  • the name of the company need to be of Indonesian words
  • copy of ID for commissionaire and the director(need to be local people ID)
  • copy of ID photo 3 × 4

After all finished process of making you will get company documents

  • legalized name of the company from notaris
  • issued Article of Association by Indonesia Public Notary
  • local authority permit
  • approval from Indonesia Village Chief and District Chief (SKTU)
  • card Tax Registration (NPWP)
  • legalized Company Article of Association from law department
  • location Permit and Nuisance from Regency
  • registration of Company Certificate from Trade and Industry Department (TDP)
  • permanent Business License from investment Coordinating Board (SIUP)


Time of processing 2-3 months.
The price indicated for the service is approximate. More accurate information will be provided by a notary, who will make calculations based on the size of the share capital, the availability and characteristics of permits, licenses and other company characteristics.