This visa is suitable to persons wishing to study in Indonesia. Issued for one year, renewable each year during the study period.

Documents required to obtain a visa

  •               A copy of the license of the institution
  •               A copy of the identification document directors institutions
  •               A Copy of all pages of the passport valid for at least 18 months
  •               A copy of the parents’ passports
  •               A Copy of birth certificate
  •               A copy of the insurance for the year
  •               A Diploma or certificate of graduation
  •                Photo on a red background 2 x 3, 3 x 4, 4 x 6, 6 on each piece.
The rest of the work on the preparation of papers and obtaining permission (TELEX) from the head office of Immigration in Jakarta, we will do for you.
It should be remembered that the period of preparation TELEX takes at least 2 weeks.
The cost of our services 5500 000 IDR (about $ 570)
After TELEX is ready, the Embassy of Indonesia to provide: Passport  A completed application for TELEX (immigration document from the head office in Jakarta   Pay the application fee of $ 150
Student KITAS need to renew every year.
We assist in extending the KITAS, to obtain permission to leave the country and in the closing KITAS.